Writers’ Book Club

March 19 to April 1

This month, instead of the usual online workshop, we’re doing something different.

Rather than an expert posting lectures and the participants reading the lectures and asking questions, let’s try helping each other. Something else a little different; our focus will be on stories of romantic women’s fiction.

In the Writers’ Book Club, all registered participants agree to read a selected writing craft book, preferably one with exercises or suggestions, BEFORE class begins. Then, over a two-week period, we work our way through the book, posting the exercises to the group. Then, based on the teachings of the book, we all brainstorm each other’s posted work. The goal is to help each other improve our work-in-progress.

The book we’ve chosen to launch the Writers’ Book Club is Goal, Motivation, and Conflict by Debra Dixon.

If you don’t have a copy, you can buy it in hardback here for the best price or on Amazon for the ebook

The number of participants is limited to 20 people. If you’d like to join us, register HERE (myRWA login required) and get reading!

As with all of our workshops, it’s free for RWF members.

Perfecting the Pitch: What Do Editors Really Want To Know About Your Book?

Trish Owens, Editor at the Wild Rose Press

May 1 to May 7

Have you ever wondered what an editor looks for in your pitch?

This in-depth class will teach you how to craft a compelling pitch to entice an agent or editor. You’ll learn how to create a catchy tagline, logline, and blurb as well as discuss the ins and outs of pitching and how to become confident. Participants will receive feedback on the pitch materials they craft.

TRISH OWENS has worked with the Wild Rose Press since 2007 as an editor and enjoys reading all sorts of genres. What’s better than a job that allows her sexy cowboys, historical hunks or alluring space aliens, all in one sitting? She loves conflict and character-driven stories with a strong romance element. When she’s not reading or editing, she’s a domestic goddess with chariot duties.

RWF chapter members: FREE (login to RWA required)
RWA members: $35 (login to RWA required)
General Public: $50


Getting Results from Your Author Newsletter

Jessie Clever

June 5 to June 30

This workshop is designed to help an author take control of the one source they have for always reaching their readers.  Your readers want to hear from you.  Here’s a workshop to help you make it a good conversation.

Stumbling along the ever changing landscape of social media?  Frustrated with posts that only reach 25% of your followers?

Drive traffic to a source you control: your e-newsletter.

In this workshop, you will learn strategies for growing your list by offering value adds to your e-newsletter subscribers.  In addition, we will take a look at tools for measuring the responsiveness of your list, what attracts readers, and what simply doesn’t work.  Take control of communicating with your readers.  Build an e-newsletter that works for you.

RWF chapter members: FREE (login to RWA required)
RWA members: $50 (login to RWA required)
General Public: $75

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October Surprise is here!

October Surprise is here—ready to play? The fun, rules, and prizes can be found on our private Facebook page. Not a member and want to join: